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There’s there’s so many different ways to get through different things that you want to do a wel- I see a lot of people do this They use the lasso tool, and they just drag a bunch of plebs a bunch of goddamn plebs look at that that looks terrible, okay What you want to do is you want to use the goddamn pen tool, okay? I know people are scared of the pen tool, but it’s the best tool, and if you’re good like me And if you’re a Photoshop God like me it works out pretty simple we’re gonna start by putting down a dot Look at that if you want to get rid of that. You gotta hit delete okay.

You can’t just dot and then start doing other things, okay? That will you up you once you’ve dotted you can’t un-dot Unless you hit delete of course the pen tool that sort of curves the lines for you, and it makes it smooth It is a little weird once you start off, but basically we’ll pick a point here that Doesn’t look good right, but if you hold down your mouse button and you can drag and look at that now I haven’t just curved this line I’ve also already thought about where the next line is gonna be with this thing so if we hit here. It’s gonna be nice and Easy to do another curve coming up By better pep easy it takes a little bit of practice. You really don’t have to make it perfect It’s gonna look nice anyway Just make sure here for example that you go inside of the hair rather than too much on the outside If you do something you don’t want you can always just go back in history.

Is this just too much for you hotcakes? So you can do it relatively quickly the thing that you got to make sure though is that you connect them at the end So you get a little circle coming up from the pen tool Boop that means. It’s ready to connect there you go We have our thing what I usually just do is right-click On the thing here hit make a selection you can add a feather, but that’s for pussies I rather do that later now we have selected his face, but how do we delete the background? I’ll just hit delete Felix. Nah fam. Look what you did get away from here controls Zed that We got to inverse the selection by hitting ctrl shift.

I done now you can hit delete Isn’t that right you’re wrong only plebs. Delete directly Okay, you gotta hit the mask button And if you do the mask button you didn’t even have to inverse you can just hit it BAM Bam’s should say I’m on a lamb look at that now we have the mask selected there look huh now we have the picture selected mask selected picture selected mask selected picture selected if I select the mask I Can paint and shit all over and look at this I can paint back all over Wow you don’t need to know any of this actually nevermind now We have a jacksepticeye look at him look at him go very happy very pleased with this crop Hey beauty, what’s the next step finding a nice looking background? What should we go for something? Psychedelic perhaps, oh wow this is really trippy. This looks skin copy that shit paste it now. We have it on a new layer Oh my god, two layers.

I know this is pretty hardcore stuff. What did we learn mmm-hmm? What do we learn? How do we just decide that’s right ctrl T. That’s right? That’s right, and what else did we learn that’s right?

Never up the aspect ratio hold on hold down shift and drag it Border full, but I can’t see Jack. I no calm down Just drag the layer Underneath Jack there you go now It has this sort of vortex sitting in the middle right so we kind of want it to be there But oh no, we have all this space here to the left. What possibly could we do simple trick my man press M Okay, which makes the square selection? Select this bit all right Hit ctrl J.

Which makes a copy of your selection in a new layer hit ctrl T and Then no shift this time Pham Just drag it over Just drag it over. No one will know anything It will be our little secret now. We have two layers doing the same thing we want to merge them Click on one hold down ctrl click onto the other right click merge layers BAM It’s one unified son of now. What a lot of youtubers. Do is they add this like?

Background right eh everyone met everyone messes with the FX this little button down here so select the jacksepticeye layer, and then hit FX everyone does this outer glow look at look at that wow it’s so glowy and nice But today we’re going to do something a little different pull that range fam to the bottom Okay, then may adjust the size Like that make it Make it not very spreaded about 84% look at that that looks pretty interesting now. We’re gonna do a drop shadow Are you ready BAM and then hit okay Looks pretty cool. Looks pretty interesting. You know it makes it different. It makes it pop. It makes it good now We’re gonna add a text go to Dafont okay They have old free fonts.

It’s really good. You want something very bold easy to read and Kind of like this you ready, is this too advanced for you, that’s right you hit T You click with your mouse you select the font up here. Look I have Bebas ready I suck look at that hit ctrl a to mark your font select the color You can just click on his stupid hair and there you go We have the same one now press V to move that bish around adjust the size Maybe maybe going the edges to change How it it’s tilted and stuff ok press ENTER And then we have a pretty neat looking looking font that is if you’re an idiot of course We’re gonna add effects now We already added effects on Jack so we can cheat a little bit We can hit alt and then drag the outer glow to the I suck and same thing with the shadow look at that We didn’t even have to do any work my god.

I actually don’t really like the outer glow I think it looks too much, so we’re just gonna double click on the drop shadow to edit it and Then just decrease it a little bit. Just let just a little bit now we’re gonna ctrl T Right click and warp and then just drag and make it a little bit more interesting. Okay go with the flow you know Anything to stand out these days everyone is doing thumbnails you gotta make them right you gotta make the details This is advanced stuff This is only for the pros But I’m telling you the secrets because I know you can keep up press Enter god damn that looks good But I’m thinking it misses a little bit of glow, so let’s go to outer glow, and yeah, yeah That looks good remove the sass a little bit.

You know what I’m feeling crazy. Let’s add a shadow again How many shadows can I add as many as I goddamn please mom and then let’s make it spread a little bit This is details This is deep test hits ctrl + – zoom out ctrl + zooms in control – zooms out now We can look at it. We need to judge from a perspective.

United-States – Touristic getaway from Washington D.C to Las-Vegas

In the next few months, you could take off from one of the 14,858 runways in the United States, or use one of the 700,000 elevators. You could be one of the 200 million airline passengers that each year stay in the United States. But what are the main tourist attractions in the United States? You’ll discover: On the East coast, why New York remains a favourite destination, How Washington DC has transformed itself into an attraction? Every American wants a souvenir of the Federal capital under renovation after its epic clean up, Washington is getting ready to become a very popular tourist destination On the West Coast, you’ll succumb to the charming efforts of Los Angeles Airport. The Tom Bradley international terminal has taken the lead with this animated video available on several media devices.

And finally you’ll see how Las Vegas, on the verge of bankruptcy in 2008, has been able to reposition itself. On the Top 10 list of preferred destinations ranked by TripAdvisor users, Las Vegas managed to grab 2nd place directly behind New York and in front of: Orlando in 3rd, Chicago, 4th, In 5th place: San Francisco, In 6th: San Diego, In 7th: Honolulu, In 8th place: Washington Charleston South Carolina falls in 9th, And New Orleans in 10th; This ranking was established in March over a period of a year from user ratings. Las Vegas is also home to two world fairs of new technology each year.

In January, the Consumer Electronics Show or CES opens its doors in January and presents innovations in electronics to the general public. The other, which takes place in April is open to professionals of television at the National Association of Broadcasters orthe NAB Show Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, four destinations, four strategies to seduce tourists. We begin our journey on the East Coast. New York remains the favourite American destination for tourists, both during the day and night. The dynamism of its nightlife and Times Square musicals are the main attractions of the Big Apple. In Times Square alone, 365,000 people walk through it every day.

The discovery of luxury shops is the second reason tourists flock to New York, especially given the recent decrease of Hong Kong in this sector. Finally, the new centre of interest in New York is its twolarge pools dug in place of the Twin Towers destroyed on September 11th, 2001. After New York, a rising city is Washington DC. The White House is not the first destination for tourists in this city filled with politics and American history.

It is only ranked in 37th place among the 382 places listed by TripAdvisor. The attraction listed as number one is the Lincoln Memorial, in the heart of the National Mall, one of the most patriotic places in the country. The 8.5 metre 158 ton marble statue is a tribute to the first assassinated American president. Just next to the National Mall, it is worthy to note the listing of the Korean Veterans Memorial ranked 7th out of 382 by TripAdvisor. This Memorial is classed well above the Capitol listed at 31st place.

It’s true that this symbol of the American people and its government has been under construction for two years now, inside and out out. But architects have successfully transformed this handicap into an advantage. Visits have not been suspended, and tourists are heading to this monument to capture images of these works that won’t happen againt happen again for at least another century. These works were urgent and needed for this building built from 1793 when the first stone was placed by George Washington. The Capitol is the headquarters of Congress, composed of the House of Representatives with 448 seats and the Senate with 100 seats 10 years ago, the House of Representatives decided to transform the Capitol into a green building, that was very energy efficient Solar panels have been installed on the roof, 30,000 lightbulbs have been replaced by LEDs, and the heat and air-conditioning now work on natural gas and not coal.

At the Capitol, every American is invited to feel at home although many cities have in the past been the capital of the United States before Washington At least eight different buildings housed the seat of legislative power during the Revolutionary War and during the early years of the Republic They were located in Philadelphia and New York. To demonstrate its role as a federal capital, Washington DC is not considered a state. Also, although the residents pay taxes, they cannot elect representatives to the Senate or Congress.

If you take a guided tour of the Capitol and Washington, you’ll find yourself among the 20 million tourists that travel each year to the federal capital. Washington offers them 29,000 hotel rooms and 1,021 restaurants… Foreigners only represent 9% of visitors, but 27% of the total tourism revenue in Washington which makes a total of 7 billion dollars a year. Among the 630,000 Washington residents, you’ll find many international students. There are 20,000 of them. They have been the most enthusiastic about the renovations at the capitol… Currently, the works that have taken 2 years, are coming to a close. The capitol should over the next few months become one of the favoured destinations in Washington.

However each visitor should respect to the letter the rules of the monument that cover no less than 1,355 pages. Things are evolving quickly in the United States: For example, the transformation of Las Vegas that has positioned itself less as a gambling capital and more of a family destination with great headliners, luxury shopping, and great gastronomy. Between 2008 and 2014, Las Vegas was on the brink of disaster.

The casino crisis compounded the housing crisis. In 2006, Las Vegas had the highest detached new build home rate of the United States. The population had just doubled in 17 years. Brutally the reverse happened, land prices dropped by half, and the number of builds by 5.

Unemployment went from 5% to 14%. The city had to completely revamp itself with upwards of about 120 000 tourists a day for a hotel capacity of 140,000 rooms … 24 000 kilometres of neon lights was just not enough to attract clients anymore… In 2008, visitors who came to discover the volcano facing the Mirage had fallen by 30% today this volcano is in the gallery at Caesars Palace and it makes a profit while ensuring the promotion of the whole merchant gallery Las Vegas decided to change its fundamentals and target the upper middle class with its majestic décor between desert and mountains its abundant water found in the fountains of Caesars Palace, its luxury with the presence of all major retailers … And early 2015 while Ceasars Palace declared bankruptcy with more than $ 18 billion of debt, in the space of a few weeks Las Vegas took off on a new start. In 2015 it was all go; each customer was treated like a star and Las Vegas attracted 42 million tourist-stars, 900,000 more than in 2014… This is how Las Vegas, which was just a simple ranch one hundred years ago, was able to successfully organise a 2.0 version of itself and its development has allowed its 2 million residents to bounce back with success.

South California has strongly contributed to this relaunch. On average 44,000 cars from California convoy each day towards Las Vegas. When they arrive they enjoy a Star tour with the family comfortably seated in a gondola.

An example of this renewal is The Venetian Hotel. It opened its doors in 1999. It counts 3,036 rooms before an expansion offering 1,013 rooms for a total of 4,049 rooms. Then in 2008, a huge extension of the complex called The Palazzo was opened. This new hotel offers 3,000 luxury rooms to visitors.

With the opening of this extension, the Venetian Palazzo complex was at the beginning of 2008 the biggest hotel in the world, with more than 7,000 rooms; a city within a city. This ensemble belongs to Sheldon Adelson, born in 1933 in Boston who has amassed one of the biggest fortunes in America. He was born into a family of Ukrainian Jewish heritage; his father was a taxi driver in the Boston suburbs. He learned his talent for business by selling newspapers in the street. Pragmatic, he launched into business without getting a degree. After being a loan broker and investment advisor, in 1979 he had the genius idea of creating Comdex the first international information technology salon that he would sell in 1995 for 860 million dollars.

In 1988, he became the co-owner of the Las Vegas Casino Hotel The Sands. A year later, he opened a huge annex to the hotel that would become the first Congress centre of Las Vegas. In In 1991, while he was on honeymoon in Venice, he launched the idea of recreating the canals of Venice in Las Vegas as a new attraction to his new Hotel The Venetian that would take the place of the historical Sands for a total investment of 1.5 billion dollars. He revolutionised the hotel industry of Las Vegas; casino games were no longer the priority; the strategy was first to delight visitors with luxury boutiques and restaurants situated along the canals. The main target were congress participants.

And he was right. In 2015, 5.7 million conference participants stayed in Las Vegas 500,000 more than 2014. These participants were among the first to organise mountain getaways to the Grand Canyon and to the Mojave Desert at the edge of Las Vegas. Helicopters and motorcycles are their favourite modes of transport. When we ask visitors what motivated their choices in staying in Las Vegas it’s the quality of service to the quality of the décor. Every attention to detail counts.

Everything is calculated to welcome more visitors without sacrificing quality. Activity at Las Vegas airport is a good illustration of the increased attractiveness of the city in recent decades. From 1960 to 2000, a 40 year timeframe the number of passengers through this airport has multiplied by 36! In 1960, the airport counted a million passengers, In 980, 10 million; In 1990, 19 million; And in 2000, 36 million Last year, passenger traffic stabilised at 42 million.

When stepping off the plane, almost every visitor already has a list of original places to visit the Forum Shops of Caesars Palace can probably satisfy many of those things on the list! It has undergone major restoration work in recent years with a budget of up to 330 million dollars. And the result is immediate: last year, the total revenue of the Forum Shops of Caesars Palace reached a billion dollars, a record in Las Vegas!

Leaving Las Vegas, you find yourself in the middle of the Mojave Desert Las Vegas is served by many international flights but tourists also enjoy stopping off in Los Angeles. The southern California city is less than an hour’s flight away. The first contact with Los Angeles is with LAX airport situated since 1930 in the south of the city. The most popular terminal with tourists is the one that offers this original animated film. It has become a main attraction.

We’re talking of the Tom Bradley International Terminal bearing the name of the mayor with African roots who during his twenty year term was passionate about the development of this airport. 75 million passengers travel through LAX airport each year. A 22% increase over 10 years, 6 % of it over the last year alone. There is a landing every 47 seconds… Of the 75 million passengers per year, 10 million pass through Tom Bradley Terminal and get to experience this animated film.

1.3 billion dollars have been spent since 2009 to expand this terminal built in 1984 for the LA Summer Olympic Games Today, 36 airlines share its 18 gates. The shopping space and lounge of the Tom Bradley Terminal have also been redeveloped: it now offers 116,000 square metres of boutiques, restaurants, and salons. At this terminal, particular attention was given to the creation of facilities to welcome and house the Airbus A380.

If you have the opportunity, fly on an Airbus A380 to go to or from Los Angeles. LAX is the airport on the American continent with the most Airbus A380 traffic, 13 per day wearing the colours of 9 airlines. LAX welcomed its first A380 in March 2007, a demonstration flight with Airbus A380 commercial traffic beginning in October 2008. Our tour of the latest American attractions now comes to a close.

Incidentally, we climb aboard an Airbus A380 to take off from LAX. And we can’t resist sharing this take off with you in this very stable and comfortable aircraft.

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