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Well it’s almost summer which means it’s time for vacation. So I wanna give away an amazing trip to Dubai and a game we’re calling, hello, Dubai. Let me tell you what you’re playing for. We’re kicking off Emirates big take off campaign. They’re one of the world’s most global airlines.

When you fly with them, you can expect more from air travel and friendly service in all classes. So whoever gets their plane across the board first is gonna win an amazing seven night vacation from Emirates to Dubai and Cape Town, South Africa. And you’ll also get $2,000 spending money. I flew Emirates to Dubai and to Cape Town and it was the most amazing experience. It’s a great airline, you’re gonna absolutely love it. Okay, I’m gonna ask you some questions, and keep your hands behind your back. Now you don`t need to travel a lot for casinos, because Casinoslots offer live dealer online casino and real money online casinos on your smartphone 24/7.

The first person who grabs this bottle of tequila and answers the question, their plane moves along and, ready? Hands behind your back. 77% of human resource managers say employees who use their vacation time are more productive.

What’s seven plus seven?   41% of Americans didn’t take any vacation days last year. What year was last year? 2015.

That’s right. On average Americans don’t use eight vacation days a year. How many days are in a week? Seven! Yes. Emirates flies daily from 10 US cities to Dubai and beyond to over 150 global destinations, spell Dubai.

D-U-B-A-I. That’s right. This is the last one. Just a little bit closer.

All right, Emirates has over 2500 channels of inflight entertainment. What entertaining show are we shooting right now? Ellen DeGeneres. That’s right. Aah! You are going to Dubai.

My god! Congratulations! You’re getting round trip tickets to Dubai and South Africa. Stay right there. Thank you so much. You can hang out back in your seat.

Thank you, thank you! That was awesome, that was amazing. Okay, I want to mention here everybody at home has a chance to win. Come on out, this is your pilot.

My god! Hi, how are you? Get your tickets. Thank you so much, my God.

Stay right there. All right, so you really are a pilot. I really am, yes. My God. And I love Emirates is an amazing airline.

I’m gonna take you to Cape Town. All right. My God. She’s flying you. I wanna mention, everyone has at home has a chance to win. Go to to enter.

And Ashley is an official Emirates pilot and she’s gonna help us host a bonus game. Here’s how it works. So look at the screen right here. Okay. Okay.

Come on over here. Okay. All right, behind each one of this is a prize.

And whichever you want you pick the entire audience is gonna win. I know you’re excited, but there’s all kinds of things that could happen. So you’ll get caught up. All right, let’s see what’s behind number one first. All right, that’s it a $100 Emirates gift card.

Number two is 250 Emirates gift card. Number three is a $500 Emirates gift card. Number four is $1000 Emirates gift card. Number five is tickets to Dubai. Hold on.

It’s obvious that you all want number five, but see what happens is, you know that Monty, that shell game where you switch things around? She has to remember. Yeah, they started already. Yeah. Which one? Three.

Five. Well, it started with five. It went too fast.

I have to go with five. All right. If that was it, I could have called it.